The two images above are to be drawn out onto a plain grid of 7 X 5 squares and students are to try to render the pictures using drawing techniques listed. It is also a good idea to let them work from the drawing techniques guide sheet provided.

The booklet to the left is something that I use as continuation work. Every year 7 student has one in their folder and if they finish early or find a task too difficult (differentiation if you like) they can work on a few of the tasks. It is also useful if a member of staff is away ill. It is easy cover work if you are trying to set your cover work from the toilet seat or bowl, or both. Sorry to be so graphic but we have all been there.

Download the PDF file below.

dali grid tigers GUIDE.pdf dali grid tigers GUIDE.pdf
Size : 262.677 Kb
Type : pdf
dali grid tigers original.pdf dali grid tigers original.pdf
Size : 255.94 Kb
Type : pdf
van gogh grid GUIDE.pdf van gogh grid GUIDE.pdf
Size : 533.088 Kb
Type : pdf
van gogh pictures.pdf van gogh pictures.pdf
Size : 447.332 Kb
Type : pdf
Portfolio project to print A5.doc Portfolio project to print A5.doc
Size : 889 Kb
Type : doc

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